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Fitness should empower you to do what excites you

You deserve a program that helps you become confident, strong, and capable, whether you’re adventuring in the outdoors or through everyday life. That’s exactly what we do.

How it works

1: Book a call

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2: Follow your program

Follow your custom program and check in with your coach. With guidance and support, you can feel and perform your best.

3: Do what you love

Be strong, confident, and capable. Worry less about your fitness and be better prepared to do the things you love.

Hi! We're Trey and Ashleigh

We are experienced fitness and nutrition coaches and former gym owners from the Ozarks who have spent over a decade training beginners and athletes alike. After we sold our gym, we founded Trained For Adventure because fitness gave us the confidence to pursue the adventures we dreamed about — and we want the same for you.

Outdoor adventures are awesome, but they have a way of forcing us to confront our fears, push past our boundaries, get uncomfortable and meet those challenges.

We coach everyday people how to become strong, confident, and capable in life and the outdoors so they can finally take on the big adventures of their dreams — no matter how experienced they are or the season of life they’re currently in.

We believe fitness, strength, and the outdoors are powerful agents for change, simultaneously empowering us to overcome obstacles and to better appreciate our bodies and our place in this beautiful, amazing world.

Strong, confident, capable, empowered, resilient. That’s what it means to be Trained For Adventure. Will you join us?

All you really need is some space to move.

Whether you have a fully furnished home gym or nothing but a backpack, we can help you get fitter and more capable.

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. What matters most is that you do something and that you do it consistently.

Never wonder what to do again. Work with an experienced coach and start living the life you dream about.

What do I get with remote fitness coaching?

Kullin E.

It wasn't just workouts but communicating with me on how it made me feel, what was working, what was hard and what was easy. With all of that Trey was able to tailor the workouts for me to help me stay active in a small hotel room.

Megan L.

Trained for Adventure helped me tremendously during a time when it was difficult for me to find motivation to move, get outside, and do what ultimately keeps me feeling my best. Each day I could open my app and not have to think about what I needed to do.

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