Our purpose

We are in business to save our planet.

We believe adults that are reintroduced or introduced to outdoor adventure, and given the opportunity to build close relationships with other core outdoor recreation participants, are more likely to protect the planet we share, changing the world for the better.

Through a collective effort with others in the outdoor recreation advocacy, we are working to help return core participation percentage in outdoor recreation (someone who participates 51 times or more in outdoor recreation activities in the past 12 months) to levels seen in 2007.

While the total number of outdoor recreation participants is at an all time high, core participation has declined from 71.9% in 2007 to 58.7% of the participant base in 2021. In fact, the number of core participants has declined from 99.5M in 2007 to 96.4M today, despite an increase in US population by approximately 30M.

Together, we believe we can reverse the trend and get over 70% of outdoor recreation participants to be core participants again!

“I decided to make a very simple statement, because in reality, if we want to save the planet, every single company in the world has to do the same thing. And I thought, well, let’s be the first.” – Yvon Chouinard | Founder of Patagonia, 2018

Like the iconic brand Patagonia, we believe that all life on Earth is under threat.

We believe fitness and encouragement to be outdoors pays dividends towards conservation. By empowering people to spend more time in the outdoors, they become invested in the care and responsible stewardship of our home planet. At the same time, people who are invested in their fitness are more likely to eat healthier, which may be better for the planet.

Additionally, empowering people to get outdoors safeguards our future. Parents who regularly take their children into nature foster a greater appreciation for the natural world and their child’s place in it. Kids with regular exposure to the outdoors are much more likely to continue as adults.

This is more important than ever, as kids withdraw deeper into technology, isolated from our environment and each other.

It is vitally important to foster our generation’s (and the next) relationship with our natural world. Our future leaders need to maintain their connection to the natural world and one another, for their sake and the sake of our planet.

We need people who feel strong, confident, and capable to take the lead. That’s where we can help.

It starts with us. It starts today.

– Trey & Ashleigh