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We will work with you to craft a custom plan. From there, you’ll get all the support and feedback you need to reach your goals. Take your first step by scheduling a free, no-pressure consultation with a proven coach now.

Fitness should empower you to do what excites you

You deserve a program that helps you become confident, strong, and capable, whether you’re adventuring in the outdoors or through everyday life. That’s exactly what we do.

Personalized coaching

Designed specifically for your needs and equipment access.

1-on-1 Video Calls

Work on your form and review your progress with your dedicated coach.

Fully Adjustable

Whether you’re traveling or feeling overwhelmed, we’ll adapt with you.

“Trained For Adventure helped me tremendously during a time when it was difficult for me to find motivation to move, get outside, and do what ultimately keeps me feeling my best. Each day I could open my app and not have to think about what I needed to do. The coaches were always very involved and attentive to whatever I needed to make my workout easier. They were also very supportive of my goals to mountain bike and bike more and tailored my workouts to support those goals. I noticed a difference very quickly with increased stamina, which made me more excited to get outside more often!”


Your personal fitness guide, tailored to you

Connect with your coach

With our in-app messaging feature, you can easily connect with your coach whenever you have questions, need guidance, or simply want to share your progress. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our dedicated coaches are just a message away, ready to support and motivate you every step of the way.

Don’t have much to say? That’s fine! Your coach will check in with you throughout the week to gauge your progress, make adjustments, and keep you on track to reach your goals.

Know exactly what to do

Your coach will curate a personalized training plan that is specifically tailored to your goals, abilities, and preferences. Your program will continue to grow and adapt with you.

See each day’s workout with video demos of every exercise. Get additional resources from your coach on nutrition, mindset, stress management, and more. You can even set countdowns to your goals, so they’re always top of mind.

Say goodbye to generic workouts and hello to a program that maximizes your potential.

Get feedback & move with confidence

No more second-guessing or wondering whether you’re doing something right. Easily upload movement videos and receive detailed feedback from your coach.

Are you brand new to exercise or want more instant feedback? You can upgrade to live training sessions with your coach, getting all the benefits of a personal trainer, but in the comfort of your own home – and at a fraction of the cost.

Get actionable steps to eat & perform better

Say goodbye to tedious weighing and measuring! With this optional feature, you can simply snap and share pictures of your meals. Your coach will then provide constructive, actionable feedback based on your food photos and descriptions.

We take a “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all” approach to nutrition. Your coach will work with you, taking into account your preferences, goals, and lifestyle. No foods are completely off-limits because we’ll focus on your eating habits and developing a healthy relationship with food. You can lose fat, build muscle, and feel great without starving yourself or crash dieting.

With this empowering approach, you can learn how to make long-lasting changes and create eating habits that fit your life.

Trained For Adventure Methodology

Access To Your Coach

In-app messaging, video feedback, and regular check-ins with your coach.

Efficient workouts

Build endurance, strength, and mental fortitude without living at the gym.

Sustainable Nutrition

Non-diet nutrition coaching focused on long-lasting healthy eating habits.

Customized to you

Tailored to your specific goals and preferences, not a one-size-fits-all program.

Programmed Peaks

We'll be working towards something, instead of just working out aimlessly.

Built For Real Life

Designed to help you live a life you love, not just look a certain way.

Our 5-step coaching process

Work with your coach on a deliberate, progressive plan that adapts with you.

The Trained For Adventure Approach

Fitness is so much more than just how well you can exercise or how much your muscles pop. While those things are great, we believe true fitness empowers you to live how YOU want to live and do the things you want to do. This is why we’re named Trained For Adventure. We want to help you be ready for whatever adventures excite you, whether it’s:

As you can see, your ideal level of fitness may not be the same as someone else’s. And, what works well for one person may not be appropriate for you or the season of life you’re currently in.

That’s where we can help.

We’re here to help you get as fit as you want and need to be live the life you want to live.

“It wasn’t just workouts but communicating with me on how it made me feel, what was working, what was hard and what was easy. With all of that Trey was able to tailor the workouts for me to help me stay active in a small hotel room. 10/10 will work with him again.”


Hi! We're Trey and Ashleigh

We are experienced coaches and former gym owners from the Ozarks who have spent over a decade training beginners and athletes alike. After selling our gym, we founded Trained For Adventure because fitness gave us the confidence to pursue the adventures we dreamed about — and we want the same for you.

Outdoor adventures are awesome, but they have a way of forcing us to confront our fears, push past our boundaries, get uncomfortable and meet those challenges.

We coach everyday people how to become strong, confident, and capable in life and the outdoors so they can finally take on the big adventures of their dreams — no matter how experienced they are or the season of life they’re currently in.

We believe fitness, strength, and the outdoors are powerful agents for change, simultaneously empowering us to overcome obstacles and to better appreciate our bodies and our place in this beautiful, amazing world.

Strong, confident, capable, empowered, resilient. That’s what it means to be Trained For Adventure. Will you join us?

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Get Trained For Adventure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect

Your dedicated fitness coach will look at your workout history, conversations, video submissions, and overall goals to determine the subject of each coaching call. Topics may include habit formation, progressing or regressing exercises, and general mindset and nutrition coaching. In general, we will review how your program has been progressing, how you feel, and where you think you can improve.

Each day’s workout will have video demos of the included exercises. Most movements are based on some fundamental movement patterns, which are broken down in longer, more detailed videos.

Trained For Adventure remote training clients can also upload videos to the app for their coach to review for specific feedback.

That’s up to you! A commercial gym provides access to a ton of equipment that may not be practical for you to buy BUT you can’t beat the convenience of working out at home. Ultimately, it comes down to whatever is going to help you be the most consistent. If you know you will struggle to stay focused at home, a gym membership may be the best bet. If your struggle is getting to the gym, then a simple home gym will be plenty. Whatever route you take, your Trained For Adventure coach will adapt your program to you.

We cannot diagnose or treat any injury or medical condition. If you have a current injury or medical condition, we recommend that you see a qualified and reputable health professional prior to working with us. Once you are cleared to exercise, we can provide a program to help you become strong, confident, and capable using appropriate movement modifications and progressions.

That being said, we are very experienced in dealing with past injuries. A significant number of the people we work with have had previous knee, back, shoulder, or hip injuries and/or surgeries. As long as we know something is a problem, we can work with it and help you continue to build strength and endurance.

The key is to tell your coach about your injury history and if anything is bothering you. You can still make incredible progress but you have to communicate with us.

Absolutely! While our focus is primarily on those who want to spend more time outdoors, our program is designed to help anyone build more strength and endurance. If you want to become stronger and more capable for whatever life may throw your way (and want to feel better doing it), then Trained For Adventure is a perfect fit for you.

Trained For Adventure is designed by coaches who live and work out of a 29-foot travel trailer. Space and equipment is definitely at a premium! As such, this program is ideal for people who spend a lot of time away from home or live in small spaces. We can develop bodyweight-only programs or design one using any equipment you have available. Your Trained For Adventure coach will be there for you wherever you are.

No. Despite our background as CrossFit coaches and affiliate gym owners, Trained For Adventure is not a CrossFit program. While we may perform some similar movements and do metcons a few times a week, our philosophies and approaches are different.

CrossFit prioritizes high-intensity exercise, which has its place in a balanced routine, but shouldn’t be the sole training intensity. The brand/methodology also incorporates many high-skill movements that can limit a person’s progress without committing significant time to practicing these skills.

In Trained For Adventure, we emphasize a more balanced approach to conditioning, with a mix of high-, medium-, and low-intensity workouts programmed each week. We also prioritize developing high levels of proficiency in a variety of basic movements instead of spreading our efforts too thinly across multiple disciplines.


Our nutrition philosophy stems from Precision Nutrition, plus some tweaks learned from Ashleigh’s Bachelor’s in Nutrition and professional internships.

In short, we focus on establishing a healthier relationship with food and your body first. Neither is your enemy. From there, we work on developing habits focused on quantity, awareness, mindfulness, quality, and meal timing, typically in that order. Our approach for each person takes into to their past experiences and current preferences.

We do not sell supplements, shakes, or meal substitutes. We do not recommend restrictive diets or avoiding food groups. Instead, we use methods such as the plate method and hand portion control guide. We focus on developing long-lasting habits and perspectives over short-term fixes.

Our coaches will not prescribe a specific meal plan or macros for you to follow. Instead, we will work with you to adjust your current eating habits and lifestyle to help you reach your goals.

We ask that our nutrition clients take a picture of each meal they eat and upload it to the app with a quick description of the meal. Your coach may then provide feedback on your serving sizes and food choices, along with actionable steps to take in the future. We find this gives you greater autonomy and is a better teaching opportunity, helping you make permanent lifestyle changes.

Simply put, it’s not a concern of ours. Before-and-after pictures perpetuate manipulative practices and an unhealthy narrative about our bodies. These photos can be easy to fake with a simple change in posture and lighting, and some sites will even pull unaffiliated strangers’ photos from social media or blog posts.

While we can help you change your body, it’s not our passion or why we’re in business. We are passionate about empowering people. The weight loss industry often does the opposite by preying on your deepest insecurities and doubts. So, instead of trying to be someone else, we challenge you to become the best possible version of yourself.

We cannot diagnose or treat any injury or medical condition. If you have a current injury or medical condition, we recommend that you see a qualified and reputable health professional prior to working with us.

As such, we cannot provide nutrition coaching for anyone who requires medical nutrition therapy.


We design every plan from scratch using the information you provide us in our coaching calls and questionnaires. As such, it takes a few days to build, upload, and review each plan and get you in our system. Once you sign up and have had your first coaching call, we will typically have your plan ready by the following Monday or within 2-3 business days, whichever you prefer.

If you pay with a bank account via ACH, we will start your program once your account is verified and payment clears.

If you sign up here rather than on a call with a coach, your subscription will be set to renew every month from the date of your first coaching call. For example, if you sign up and pay on June 10th and schedule your first coaching call on the 13th, your subscription will then renew on the 13th of each month.

If you have a different day you’d like your membership to renew, just let us know and we’ll prorate it accordingly.

The main thing about online training is that communication is mandatory for your success. We can’t help you if you don’t tell us what you need! Remote training also requires you to be brutally honest with yourself about your efforts and commitment. When left on our own, it can be easy to give less than our best or to not prioritize ourselves. We will do our best to meet you exactly where you are now and help you develop good habits.

That being said, you can cancel anytime — no contracts, minimum commitments, or run-around required. We just need 14 days notice to cancel any recurring remote personal training membership.

We do not. Your fitness is determined by a wide range of factors, including your sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress management practices. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your own fitness.

We are committed to providing our clients with thoughtful and effective fitness coaching. On the other hand, money-back guarantees are typically a marketing ploy with so many conditions tied to them they’re impossible to actually claim.

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, Trained For Adventure online personal training may be perfect for you:

  • Am I tired of sorting through exercise trends and fads to find what works for me?
  • Am I dedicated to finishing my weekly workouts and monitoring my progress?
  • Do I want direct access to an experienced coach?
  • Do I want a workout plan designed specifically for my goals and preferences?
  • Do I want an experienced coach keeping me motivated and accountable?